Accreditation / Certification

Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 / Certification ISO-9001

Accredited test and calibration laboratories are obliged to work according to international standards. Measuring processes, measuring methods, handling of the specimens, logs etc. must be carried out according to defined and approved procedures respectively specifications. Measurement uncertainties of each used measuring machines are ascertained according to a uniform standard and thus known.

By the accreditation, the laboratory operation from the receipt of goods to the logging and archiving is regulated.

The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) periodically supervises the activities of the laboratory and is responsible for the implementation of the standard. They are responsible for representing the national interests in the international organisations.


Test laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 (STS)

The customer has the assurance that his orders are carried out according to a given international standard and that the laboratory operates neutral and impartial. In the test report/measuring report the actual measurement uncertainty for each measuring system is clearly defined. Thus the measuring report becomes interpretable, comparable to similarly equipped laboratories.


Calibration laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 (SCS)

For the accreditation as a calibration laboratory apply similar specifications as for the test laboratory, except that the actually achieved measurement accuracy must be proven time and again and for each measurand it must not exceed a given deviation. For each measurand the measurement uncertainty is known and can be looked up in the SAS-register. In the calibration protocol there is comprehensive information, such as measurement uncertainty, temperature of the specimen, calibration procedure, etc.

The accreditation as a calibration laboratory makes high demands on employees, measuring machines, indoor temperature and the structural-physical properties of the laboratories.

The high standards of the calibration laboratory also pervade our test laboratory area, thus a very high accuracy and repeatability of the measurement is possible in the test laboratory.


SCS certificate
STS certificate
SQS certificate