Development, Construction, reverse engineering

Our competence

  • Construction of special measuring devices / special measuring auxiliary devices and special clamping elements
  • Product development and construction
  • Reverse engineering of STL-data (e.g. from our computer tomograph or from our laser scanner), provided in all the common CAD formats.


We construct for you special measuring devices, measurement auxiliary devices or special clamping elements.

In the 3D measurement technology, reliable measurement results can often no longer be reached with standard clamping devices. Fragile or very small parts can be dimensionally changed by an unsuitable clamping or by not being held securely. On very thin plastic parts it is frequently necessary to bring individual components in a forced position just to make contact measurement possible. Our long-standing experience in the construction of clamping devices and auxiliary devices makes us the ideal partner for you.

Special measuring devices are used wherever conventional measuring methods no longer suffice economically or metrologically. We can offer interesting solutions.

All products, which we have constructed, we naturally deliver tested, calibrated and with the necessary documentation.


Product development

We not only develop special measuring devices or special clamping elements, we also support you from the idea to the moment when your product is ready to go into mass production, i.e. with the construction of the individual components, the construction of the prototype and the creating of the manufacturing drawings. Naturally we also construct the manufacturing and measuring equipment for your products. Moreover, we carry out the initial sample inspection and plan the in-process inspections.


Reverse engineering / surface reconstruction

From unknown forms, design studies etc. we create a CAD model. It doesn’t make any difference whether the STL-data comes from our CT, the laser scanner or from you. You get a finished CAD of your component, which you can then use further. If necessary, we make allowances for standard geometries and construct these geometrically, so that they can be dimensioned and tolerated during the creation of the drawing.